675 Rymal Road East Hamilton, L8W1B5, CA
18117 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL, 33160, USA
675 Rymal Road East Hamilton, L8W1B5, CA
18117 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL, 33160, USA
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Welcome To TAS Fire Protection

Fire can happen anytime, anywhere therefore it's a basic necessity of the people sharing a building space to feel protected. The challenge to fire protection is multidimensional. At Tasfire efficient systems, equipments, up to date knowledge and expertise is delivered with unmatched, uncompromised quality. Tasfire Fire Protection company located in Hamilton (ON) provides various products and services throughout southern Ontario. Our core focus is Fire Protection which includes annual inspection, certification, deficiency repairs, preventive and corrective maintenance of fire alarm, fire protection equipment, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems and security systems. We provide re-lambing and master electrician service.

Our Fire Protection Services
fire alarm installation
Fire Installation

We have been into fire installation services over these years and are experienced enough in various aspects of installation which are involved in any effective business operation.

Fire Inspection

Being one of the full-service fire inspection services providers, Tasfire can render fire inspection services to all of our customer's fire protection systems.

Fire Alarm System

Tasfire has a wealth of experience in Fire alarm installation for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings across Canada.

fire sprinkler maintenance
Fire Sprinkler System

At Tasfire Protection, we undertake sprinkler system installation and certify that they are in the highest working order.

Fire Extinguisher

We are a team of qualified personnel with a wealth of experience who can give you peace of mind as your fire extinguishers will operate perfectly in an unfortunate fire emergency on your property.

home fire safety tips by tasfire
Smoke and CO Detection

Contact us to arrange an appointment for excellent quality service of smoke and CO detection system or resume reading to know more.

Passive Fire Protection Systems
Emergency Lighting System

At Tasfire, we specialize in emergency lighting inspection, certification, deficiency repairs and can aid you to maintain secure emergency lighting in your facility.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Our factory-trained technicians are ready to make certain that your current kitchen fire suppression systems match up with the NFPA requirements for inspection.

fire safety plans for organisations by tasfire protection
Security Alarm

Tasfire Protection has a holistic approach towards security alarm system installation and service, focusing on developing sustainable and effective security solutions to safeguard what’s significant to you.

Fire Hoses

At Tasfire, your contentment and security are our key concerns. We assure you that we will perform a proper inspection of your fire-fighting hoses with utmost care.

Fire Hydrants

Over the years, we have been at the forefront in rendering inspection of fire hydrants. Our clients surmise that we conduct our services under strict quality control from the beginning until the end

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Company in Canada?

Owing to our extensive experiences in various fire industries, Tasfire is uniquely positioned to be the best Fire Safety Company across Canada.

TAS Fire
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What Our Clients Say
Exceptionally satisfied
We are completely satisfied with the services provided by Tasfire. They crossed our expectations for exceptional fire safety services, within predestined time confinements, for a very fair fee. They always have what we require in stock too. We wholeheartedly endorse TASFIRE. - Jeff Mulligan
What Our Clients Say
Competitive pricing and highly knowledgeable
In the past few years, TASFIRE has handled all our school’s fire protection devices and systems. Tiju always handles business with the highest honesty and efficiency. Their pricing is competitive and the team is helpful, knowledgeable, and practical. I would recommend TASFIRE to anyone in the Fire Safety demands. - Joanna Gilbert
What Our Clients Say
Responsible and friendly
I would deeply recommend TASFIRE, as they are very trained and responsible. They never allow me to get grumpy, either with any data I have asked or services required to manage a huge fire safety installation. Tiju and the team were always there when we needed them. - Stan Goeth
Emergency Service

If this is an emergency outside of normal business hours, call us

1 (888) 870 4103
Save on the Service You Need
Price List
With an electrical maintenance plan, you won’t find yourself in a panic wondering who to call when you’re having problems with your electrical system.
Fire Inspection and Certification by our CFAA & NFPA10 certified technicians
  • Up to 2 Fire Extinguishers - $ 69.00
  • Up to 4 Fire Extinguishers and 2 Emergency Lights - $ 89.00
  • Up to 4 Fire Extinguishers and 2 Emergency Lights and Fire Alarm Panel up to 4 devices- $149.00
  • Up to 4 Fire Extinguishers and 2 Emergency Lights and Fire Alarm Panel up to 20 devices- $249.00

Kitchen Suppression Inspection and Certification by our NFPA 96 certified technicians
  • Kitchen Suppression Semi-Annual Inspection - $192, $24 per link (mandatory) $15 Nozzle seals if required, $130 Nozzle Cleaning if clogged.

Sprinkler Inspection and Certification by our OCT 427A SFPI certified technicians
  • Wet System up to 2 flows and 4 valves- $249.00
  • Dry system up to 2 low point drain- $ 249.00
  • Design-Build Services
  • Supply and install Sensor light
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Replace hot plates
  • Switchboard Upgrade

Commercial Service
  • Indoor/outdoor Lighting Installation
  • Appliance & Fixture Installation
  • Annual Electrical Inspection
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • New & Replacement Wiring
  • Surge Protection Maintenance
  • 24-hour Response

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