Commercial and Residential

Fire, Security, and Electrical Services

TASFire offers comprehensive and cutting-edge fire, security, and electrical services to clients with residential, commercial, industrial, or high-rise properties.

Our team of highly skilled professionals have years of experience installing, maintaining, and inspecting fire, security, and electrical systems and equipment.

Electrical Services

TasFire provides commercial and residential contracting services for construction or renovation projects. We help with the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

We possess the knowledge and expertise to ensure that all electrical components are installed correctly and operate efficiently.

We can plan your electrical layout, select the right equipment and materials, and adhere to safety codes and regulations.

We also provide ongoing maintenance and repair services to ensure that your electrical systems continue to function optimally.

Latest Tips, Trends and News

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Tips for Maintaining Your Fire Alarm System…

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Creating a Comprehensive Fire Escape Plan…

Creating a Comprehensive Fire Escape Plan…

Fires can be devastating, and every second counts when it comes to escaping safely. Having a well-prepared fire escape plan is crucial in ensuring the safety of your staff. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a comprehensive fire escape...

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