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We are living in the digital world where the electronic gadgets are ruling the entire day of the people. Thus our environment is fully prone to short circuits and fire breakouts. Here we are in need of a reliable fire safety company like TASFire. Our aim is to keep you and your property safe while you pursue your personal or business goals and free you from the hassle of fire protection. We are the trusted fire protection partner and our experts are licensed and strictly follow NFPA guidelines.

Fire Alarm Systems are essential to keep us agile about emergency situations of fire. The primary step in any fire protection mechanism is to detect and notify the presence of fire in a provided space. It is supposed to function in a way that people get enough time to protect themselves and evacuate safely with least casualty. These systems emit sirens or alarms that gives the cue of warning to the occupants to vacate and personnel working offsite to take action.

TAS Fire follows the Ontario Fire Code that fire alarm and life safety systems shall be inspected and tested in conformance with CAN/ULC –S536, annually by a certified CFAA Fire Alarm Technician. Persons who repair, replace or alter components of a fire alarm systems are required to conduct this work in accordance with Article in conformance with CAN/ULC –S525, “Installation of Fire Alarm Systems”., and requires an application for inspection (Rule 2-004 (1) of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code).

  • Test all riser and field devices including tamper switches, low pressure switches, pressure type and vane type water flow switches
  • Complete water flow system activation by opening the inspector test valve on each system
  • Complete a main drain test to confirm the water supply to the building and flush lines
  • Check excess pressure pump, alarm valve, dry valve, air-line and compressor
  • Complete a visual inspection of the entire building to confirm coverage and installation
  • Complete inspection reports as per the codes and standards

Fire extinguisher is your personal arsenal against fire. Often times the arrival of fire extinguishing team might take time, thus you can take the initiative of protecting yourself, others and properties with the help of fire extinguishers. Portability is a major advantage of it, you can specifically target the areas to extinguish other than sprinkler systems, or anywhere outside the reach of the same. Tasfire undertakes the appropriate placement, proper inspection and maintenance which are crucial for its working. In order to protect your commercial spaces, we strictly follow the Ontario Fire Code by which fire extinguishers are inspected monthly by qualified personnel according to NFPA 10 guidelines.

We provide 4 classes of fire extinguishers

  • Class A : puts out fire over wood and paper
  • Class B : Flammable liquids, oil, gasoline
  • Class C : Electrical fires
  • Class K : Cooking oil, fats commercial kitchen
  • Class D : Flammable metals

Emergency lighting is mandatory for commercial buildings it is normally run by power supply from the main channel, and at times of power cut it runs on a back-up battery. The battery back-up can vary anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the requirements of the building. TAS Fire offers the best quality emergency lighting for you.

These devices sense and raise alarms concerning increased levels of smoke and poisonous gas carbon monoxide. It is commonly used in residential space, sleeping areas, and areas where there are appliances and machineries fuel powered. TAS Fire provides you excellent quality service of smoke and CO detection devices that can go a long way saving lives and valuable properties.

Kitchen area stands at a vulnerability of catching fire with various appliances, stoves etc. Being an area people are actively engaged in, it possesses threat to human lives. Thus an efficient kitchen fire suppression system is inevitable for the kitchen space. Kitchen hood exhaust are installed with nozzles that directly discharge extinguishing agents over the source of fire. As per NFPA regulations, TAS Fire undertakes kitchen hood suppression system inspection every 6 months.

Breach of security, theft, burglary has always been potential threats to people and their assets. Safeguarding and alerting authorities regarding the same needs to be quick and efficient. TAS Fire provides a complete solution for your security concerns.

Your fire hoses require hydrostatic testing when they have been in service for five (5) years, then every three (3) years afterwards. Allow TAS Fire to inspect your hoses yearly and to perform hydrostatic tests when required, to give you, your employees and building occupants protection and peace of mind.

Fire Hydrants should be inspected on a regular basis at least once a year. Dry-barrel hydrants may require two inspections per year, in the spring and fall. TAS Fire carries out fire inspection services of every fire hydrant, documents it, analyze and correct problems immediately