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Fire Protection Services, Brampton

The proper fire safety precautions and installations are necessary to safeguard your buildings and property from fire hazards. TAS Fire offers end-to-end fore safety services in Brampton for years now, and we have successfully protected many properties and facilities throughout the area. The expertise we’ve gained and our trained professionals will ensure failproof installation
and inspections regularly for the proper functioning of the fire safety systems.

Fire Safety Services We Offer in Brampton

Fire Safety Installation Services in Brampton

If you are looking for expert and reliable fire safety installation in and around Brampton, your search ends with TAS Fire. No matter the size of your property, we fireproof it the best way using high-quality equipment and trained professionals. We ensure that your residential and commercial properties are safe and secure, and enough precautions are taken to protect them
in case of contingencies.

Why should you choose Tas fire to assist you with the fire installation?

  • Quick and efficient process
  • Experienced professionals
  • High-quality products
  • Reasonable Budget
  • 24*7 Support post-implementation

Fire Inspection Services in Brampton

TAS Fire is a reliable and expert fire inspection company in Brampton. Fire inspection is mandatory for any household or business according to the law. We conduct a thorough and expert fire inspection to ensure the proper functioning of your fire safety equipment and precautions. Our trained staff has the in-hand expertise to detect the glitches, report them and recommend remedies right away so that you do not have to be unalarmed. The strategies we engage to ensure failproof inspection and the expertise we’ve gained from the years of experience will assist us in conducting the inspection flawlessly.

The fire inspection services we offer include:

  • Fire extinguisher inspection
  • Fire alarm inspection
  • Fire safety inspection
  • Fire hydrant inspection
  • Monthly fire extinguisher inspection etc.

Fire Alarm Installation Services in Brampton

Fire alarms have a very crucial role in fire safety. TAS Fire is one of the best fire alarm installation service providers in Brampton. After careful inspection and analysis, our expert team will introduce you to the best fire alarms, which will be installed efficiently and hassle-free. A sound fire alarm will detect the fire or smoke, and the alarm goes off before the situation goes out of control. If you plan to install a new fire alarm or upgrade an existing one, TAS Fire will assist you in fulfilling your unique needs anytime.

Fire Sprinkler System Brampton

TAS Fire offers high-quality fire sprinkler systems in Brampton. Once the fire alarm goes off, the sprinkler should take over. For a sprinkler system to perform to its fullest, it should be equipped with high-quality valves, pipes and control systems. The systems we use at TAS Fire is always of superior quality and least maintenance. The easy to install system will be equipped to instantly
act and curb the damages before it gets out of control.

Water-fire Extinguisher Installation Brampton

The availability of a nicely functioning water fire extinguishing system will play a significant role in controlling the scene in case of a fire hazard. An efficient water fire extinguishing system is suitable for fighting fires caused by solid materials such as wood, cloth or paper. TAS Fire, one of the best fire safety providers in Brampton, will offer you the best in the industry water fire extinguisher installation services. Water fire extinguishers have a class A rating, and TAS Fire will help you install the best water fire extinguishers to protect your buildings and property. Smoke and CO-detection Services in Brampton

According to the statistics, there is a residential fire every 87 seconds. That means more fires are happening than the number of burglaries. So a coherent smoke and Carbon Monoxide system is crucial to protect your residential or commercial buildings from fire hazards. If the smoke detection equipment is appropriately installed, the fire can be detected before it starts and can be prevented from spreading further. Carbon Monoxide is a lethal gas when inhaled, so early CO detection is pivotal to prevent the contingencies.

Emergency Lighting System Services Brampton

In the event of an emergency, the fire alarm warns you, and the fire extinguisher acts instantly to subside the fire. An emergency exit system will help you ensure fast and efficient evacuation procedures. However, without proper lighting, an emergency exit system may not be as effective. TAS Fire offers an intelligent and reliable emergency lighting system for both residential and commercial buildings in case of a fire. The emergency lighting will function for at least 90 minutes, which will often be enough time to move the people to safety.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Brampton

TAS Fire offers a flexible, reliable, space-efficient and affordable kitchen fire suppression system and hassle-free installation services to our customers. The nearest FDT to the maximum heat point will burst and fill the kitchen with an extinguishing agent that puts out the fire right away. The efficient kitchen fire suppression works like a charm, and we will get it installed for you. Our experienced and trained staff will make sure that the whole process goes smooth and

Security Alarm System Services in Brampton

The comprehensive and efficient security alarm system in Brampton. You can now travel anywhere and worry no more about the security of your home or office. TAS Fire will assist you in installing the best security alarm system and inform the authorities if something goes south. Our intelligent system will detect any malicious attempts or acts, and a message will be sent to the police, including the address for help.

Fire Hose Installation and Inspection in Brampton

TAS Fire offers fire hose reel installation and inspection service in Brampton. A continuous supply of water is crucial to put out fires. There are certain specifications to keep in mind while installing fire hose reels, like they should be connected to a separate fire line, and the valve height should be between 990mm and 1100mm from the ground. Without following these specifications, the shole installation might go south. Our experienced team will make sure that the building is done flawlessly, and we make sure that the system performs well by conducting regular inspections.

Fire Hydrant Installation Service Brampton

One of the reliable and trusted fire hydrant installation services in Brampton. The fire hydrant system is one of the oldest yet effective fire fighting systems to date. An efficient fire safety service provider must install the system flawlessly and ensure perfect functioning throughout. TAS Fire offers the best assistance and free training on operating the system in case of an emergency.


  • Vandalism
  • Corrosion and rusting
  • Wear and tear
  • Accidental closure of hydrant tap valves
  • Accidental damage
  • Mechanical malfunction

For 365 degree experienced and expert fire fighting services in Brampton, TAS Fire will be your best partner. Just give us a call, and we will be on our way.