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Fire Protection Services, Mississauga

Fire Protection Services, Mississauga

When the protection of the country is our responsibility, we make sure to secure your space from fire accidents. At TAS FIRE, we do not just install the Fire Suppression Systems. We inspect and check the devices for proper functioning as well, making sure it’s good to go. We have seen a rise in several activities related to sports and recreation, Government based, shopping malls, Civic Centres. The economy is fast developing and simultaneously requires to reduce the risk of fire accidents.


Mississauga is the 6th most populous municipality in Canada. It is not exactly rural, but an amalgamation of a series of former villages that had a huge population uprise. It may be surprising to know that over 60 of the Fortune 500 companies have established their head office or headquarters in Mississauga. Pharmaceuticals, banking, finance electronics and computers have paved way for the economic boom. They are also well into aerospace, transportation parts and equipment industries. It is also a home to the Royal Bank of Canada and brands like HP.

With such rapid developments in the economy, it is necessary to get a foolproof solution to fire and safety. Rapid industrialization can further lead to risks. There is always a 20% risk of fires spreading in households and industrial occupancies which can lead to a significant financial loss.

Gas leaks and short circuits which are often caused due to irregular home maintenance are often neglected by several homeowners. At TAS Fire, we make the effort to ensure that your home is protected from all possible fire outbreaks with our timely fire inspection services and fire system maintenance services.


TAS Fire offers the city of Mississauga, fire services at the most rational pricing and is also among the most dependable fire services in Mississauga with fire suppression systems like Fire Sprinkler System, Automatic Sprinkler System, Fire Alarm System, Water Fire Extinguisher, Smoke Detection Systems, Kitchen Fire Suppression System, and Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System.

TAS Fire also has the right foot forward for Services like Fire Damper Installation, Fire Alarm Installation, Sprinkler System Installation, Fire Inspection Services, Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Fire Alarm Inspection, fire safety inspection, Fire Alarm Technician, Fire Alarm Monitoring Services, Fire Extinguisher Service and Fire Hydrants Installation.

Among the various fire safety installation services in Mississauga, it can be confusing to choose the fire suppression company since there are already so many in the field. TAS Fire has already been established in thousands of homes, offices, and commercial buildings! The quality of our work speaks for itself. We undertake fire safety services and fire safety device installation right from minor households and stores to large commercial buildings like malls, schools, hospitals, police stations, and whatnot?


Our A-to-Z services in helping the country build a carefree atmosphere in fire safety have been acknowledged and certified by the NFPA. We make sure that every product manufactured and installed in your building has been checked properly while following the codes of the Fire Safety Authorities. If you are seeking fire extinguisher service in Mississauga, you have come to the right place. From fire damper systems to Fire Inspection services, we comprehend your safety needs as our responsibility.


At TAS Fire, we make sure to meet your needs without redundant buried costs. We can formulate for you the most ideal strategies for safety from fire accidents. We strictly follow the Mississauga Fire Codes and ensure that your building gets all the clearance it needs. TAS Fire does not cease to deliver timely maintenance which is why we claim to have the best post-purchase experience as well. Our servicemen have gone through rigorous training to provide you with a prompt after-market service.

TAS Fire shields your house without having to undergo huge financial and asset losses due to fire outbreaks. We safeguard your daily activities and ensure that they are carried out in a safer environment.


  • Factory trained fire protection and suppression technicians
  • fully licensed CFAA technicians
  • Technicians with 309A certification
  • Master electricians
  • authorized sprinkler installers
  • NFPA10 certified technicians

 We work to fulfil your requirements by providing services that adhere to all the NFPA requirements and fire codes in Canada. We inspect and maintain your fire safety devices at least once in every 12 months. Matters related to the Fire Code Violations and Orders of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act FPPA and building for clearance are inspected by our professionals.

Your safety is our concern. For queries related to installation or inspection kindly get in touch with us here. To book an appointment, simply fill out the form given below. Our Fire Safety Experts are ready to serve you 24x7x365!

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