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Niagara Falls Fire Services
Niagara Falls

Fire Protection Services, Niagara Falls

A small flame can quickly turn into a life-threatening blaze in seconds. In the event of a catastrophic fire, you will only have approximately 2 to 3 minutes to escape from a burning building. Changes in our lifestyle, the usage of synthetic materials, and the abundance of electronic appliances are to blame for the decrease in escape time, which was much longer a few years ago. Therefore, to prevent the devastation of fire and keep all occupants and assets safe from potential fire threats in a short period of time, your building should be equipped with the necessary fire protection products. TAS Fire offers high-quality, reliable, and cutting-edge fire safety products and services to the residents of Canada at competitive prices.

Why TAS Fire in Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls, renowned for its mesmerizing Horseshoe waterfalls (also known as Niagara Falls or Canadian Falls), is a Canadian city nestled in the Regional Municipality of Niagara in southeastern Ontario, Canada. Being an immensely popular tourist destination, it is crucial to ensure that the city is equipped with the requisite fire protection equipment in order for the residents and everyone on and around it to be safe. The leading fire safety company in Niagara Falls, TAS Fire, offers a wide range of fire safety services that are designed to meet all of your fire inspection and prevention needs.

What Is the Purpose of Tasfire?

Even if your building is equipped with all the necessary fire protection equipment, it will be useless if the fire safety products are undermaintained and not kept in effective working order. Furthermore, ignoring the regular inspections could put you at the risk of getting a hefty fine due to fire code violations. Periodic and thorough inspection, testing, and maintenance provided by TAS Fire help in maintaining the fire protection system in operable condition by eliminating any hidden faults and highlighting any parts that might need replacement.

Smoke and CO-detection Services in Niagara Falls

In the event of a fire, any kind of early warning of danger can be a lifesaver. Since carbon monoxide (CO) is odourless, tasteless, and invisible, you may fail to notice any unusual build-up of this silent killer in your building. The leakage of smoke and CO can be fatal, so installing a high-quality smoke and CO detection system will be a life-saving investment. TAS Fire in Niagara Falls provides installation and inspection services for smoke and CO detection systems to save lives and property.

Fire Services Offered in Niagara Falls

Fire Alarm Inspection
Fire Alarm Certification
Fire Alarm Maintenance
Fire Extinguisher Inspection
Fire Extinguisher Certification
Fire Extinguisher Testing
Inspection of Fire Sprinklers
Fire Sprinkler Certification
Fire Protection
Fire Alarm Repair
Service for Fire Alarms
Fire and Safety Company
Backflow Prevention