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Ontario Fire Protection Services

Fire Protection Services, Ontario

Securing your residential property or commercial space from fire is important. To ensure foolproof fire safety protocol we need to take proper precautions and do regular inspections. TAS Fire, fire safety company in Ontario, offers a wide range of services which helps you to cover all the requirements related to fire inspections and services.

Fire Services we offer in Ontario

Fire Installation Services Ontario

TAS Fire offers well-planned fire installation procedures with clear outlines and systems for easy execution during contingencies. Our services are available for both residential buildings and commercial buildings. We have qualified engineers trained uniquely to execute both commercial and residential installation services. We use high-quality Fire equipment and resources which enables you to control the fire before it gets serious.

Why choose Tasfire for installation?

  • Quick execution of services by technicians by strictly following the NFPA codes.
  • Affordable
  • Complete transparency – pricing breakdowns and estimates, materials cost and more.
  • Anytime support after implementation

Fire Inspection services Ontario

Fire inspection is usually done to fulfil the legal obligations as it is mandated by law. But regular fire inspection can help in troubleshooting glitches in the system and ensure complete fire safety for your property as well. If you are looking for professional fire inspection services for your residential or commercial space in Ontario, we can help! We have certified technicians who can ensure your building is foolproof by performing stringent inspections. We will inspect all your existing system for errors and troubleshoot them to ensure your building is safe.

Fire inspection services include:

  • Fire extinguisher inspection
  • Fire alarm inspection
  • Fire safety inspection
  • Fire hydrant inspection
  • Monthly fire extinguisher inspection etc.

Fire Alarm System Ontario

Fire Alarm System is the spine of your entire fire safety system, it detects and alerts the officials in case of a fire and helps to prevent any harm. TAS Fire, one of the best fire protection service company in Ontario, provides a well-defined fire alarm system which helps you to tackle any emergencies beforehand

Fire Sprinkler System in Ontario

A sprinkler system can be said as the frontline device which acts during a fire. It extinguishes the fire effortlessly without causing anyone any harm. Visibly it is small but comprises a lot of components, like valves, pipes, control systems etc. We have technicians who are expert in installing a sprinkler system promptly and strategically to ensure complete coverage during a fire.

Water Fire Extinguisher Installation, Ontario

Placing a fire extinguisher in strategic places will help you tackle any uncertain situations. It will assist the safety officer to take quick action in case of any emergencies. Looking for a provider to install fire extinguishers? We can help, we provide all-inclusive services for your needs.


  • We follow strict rules of Ontario fire code
  • Provide you with quality service
  • We ensure the equipment installed are of industry standards
  • We are affordable and prompt

Smoke and co-detection Services Ontario

CO and Smoke leakage are among the common issues that can happen in both residential and commercial space. Proper detection is needed to take precautionary measures. TAS Fire offers a reliable Smoke and CO detection system to safeguard your stakeholders and personal/business assets.

Why choose Tasfire?

  • We are certified providers
  • We follow all regulations and government-issued codes
  • Reliable and healthy implementation
  • Proper & regular inspection

Emergency Lighting System Services Ontario

Accidents and uncertainties can occur in both personal life and business. Being prepared is the only way to overcome those. During emergencies, it’s important to get enough visibility in the building to make it out. Sometimes power failure can hinder this and that’s where the emergency lighting system comes into play. It will give you enough power backup during contingencies and help you to overcome the emergency successfully.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Services Ontario

Kitchen is where we mostly deal with fire. It is important to secure it through effective fire protection services. TAS Fire offers a proactive Kitchen Fire Suppression System which helps to tackle fire emergencies which might occur in a kitchen. We also conduct regular inspection to ensure all systems are operating well and ready during contingencies

Security Alarm system Services Ontario

The Fire Alarm System from TAS Fire is designed to secure your home or commercial property. IF you own a house or commercial property located in Ontario, you can entrust TAS Fire with your Alarm and surveillance system implementation. We also take care of your regular inspections as per the government-issued standards.

Fire Hoses Installation and Inspection Services Ontario

Fire Hose is an important piece of equipment that helps in fighting a fire. Implementing Firehose in strategic locations can reduce the impact of fire by allowing the safety officer to control it using fire hoses. At TAS Fire we offer affordable Fire Hose installation and inspection services. We adhere to NFPA standards and guidelines for fire fighting hoses inspection.

Fire Hydrant Installation Services Ontario

In the event of a fire, a perfect fire protection system should ensure an ample supply of water for the devices to function properly. This is ensured by Fire hydrants. Proper functioning of fire hydrants ensures the functioning of other equipment as well. To ensure the proper functioning of Fire hydrants we do regular checkups which include:

  • Vandalism
  • Corrosion and rusting
  • Wear and tear
  • Accidental closure of hydrant tap valves
  • Accidental damage
  • Mechanical malfunction

TAS Fire offers comprehensive Fire Fighting Services in the Ontario region. Our experts are available at your location, we are just a phone call away.

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