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Port Colborne fire protection services
Port Colborne

Fire Protection Services, Port Colborne

With a long-standing established reputation, TAS Fire is always at the forefront of fire protection services throughout Canada, including Port Colborne. Our fire safety products and services meet international standards of quality and bring cost-effective fire protection to residential, commercial, and industrial facilities alike. From superlative installation, certification, monthly and annual inspection, and deficiency repairs to preventative and corrective maintenance of emergency lights, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire protection equipment, sprinkler systems, kitchen fire suppression, smoke and CO detection, and security systems, TAS Fire delivers integrated solutions to cover all facets of fire detection and protection.

Why TAS Fire in Port Colborne?

Port Colborne is a city nestled on the north shores of Lake Erie in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario, Canada. Being one of Canada’s largest inland ports and home to diverse boutique shops, the historical and marine museum, picturesque beaches, plenty of fantastic parks, great restaurants and coffee shops, an incredible shrinking mill, heritage homes, trails, and boardwalks, this heritage city is a swoon-worthy tourist spot. To protect this thriving city from the danger of fire, TAS Fire in Port Colborne provides cutting-edge fire safety products and services at affordable prices. In addition to providing sophisticated fire protection products, we address and troubleshoot issues that arise at the client’s site to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

What Is the Purpose of TAS Fire ?

Our ultimate goal is to protect and conserve lives and properties from the peril of catastrophic fire. We are always devoted to providing high-quality fire protection products and services at competitive prices while meeting all the international standards and adhering to NFPA standards as well as the local and state codes. By offering comprehensive fire protection solutions to the city of Port Colborne, TAS Fire always strives to prevent personal injuries, property liabilities, and losses in the event of a fire.

Fire Alarm System Port Colborne

One of the most sagacious safety measures you can take to minimize your fire risk is installing a fire alarm system. A fire alarm system alerts you if there are any fire-related exigencies by sensing smoke, which is a primary sign of fire. Our experienced, licensed, and certified team is dedicated to providing a top-notch fire alarm installation service. TAS Fire in Port Colborne can expertly install fire alarm systems on your commercial or residential property to ensure its safety in the unexpected event of a disastrous fire. The fire alarm systems that we install come from a range of high-quality manufacturers, ensuring high performance, advanced detection, and reliability.

Fire Services Offered in Port Colborne

Fire Alarm Inspection
Fire Extinguisher Inspection
Inspection of Fire Sprinklers
Fire Alarm Certification
Fire Extinguisher Certification
Fire Extinguisher Testing
Fire Sprinkler Certification
Fire Protection
Fire Alarm Repair
Service for Fire Alarms
Fire Alarm Maintenance
Fire and Safety Company
Backflow Prevention