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Fire hydrants are short, stubby pipe system from which firefighters can access a reliable source of water supply in the event of a fire. They come equipped with water spray nozzles to distribute water at the place to be protected. In simpler terms, they are over ground pipes that run off the pipeline for safety in commercial and residential areas. These hydrants connect hoses to them to put out the fire. Contact us for Fire Hydrants Installation, Fire Hydrants Services Company.

When there is an event of a fire in your building, fire protection systems such as sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems engage automatically to extinguish the fire. But if those systems are not sufficient, then you can get help from the fire department to fight the blaze totally using their high-pressure hoses. This calls for a functional fire hydrant on your facility, which a fire truck can access.


Are your fire hydrants now in sound working condition? According to the NFPA 25, fire hydrants should be inspected annually to make certain that this is the case. At TAS Fire Protection, our procedure for inspecting your fire hydrants is created to rigorously scrutinise that your facility’s fire hydrants meet all codes. Contact us for Fire Hydrants Installation, Fire Hydrants Services Company.

Over the years, we’ve been the company to count on for inspecting fire hydrants throughout Southern Ontario. One of the key reasons why your neighbours have been counting on Tasfire Protection is because we are the one-stop-shop for an array of fire protection services. The certified and experienced technicians here at TAS Fire deals with every aspect of fire protection, like:


They are subjected to a lot of issues, like:


  • Vandalism
  • Corrosion and rusting
  • Wear and tear
  • Accidental closure of hydrant tap valves
  • Accidental damage
  • Mechanical malfunction

Even if you think that your facility never experiences a fire, inspecting fire hydrants on a regular basis aid you to identify and rectify any damage which can hinder it from functioning when you require it the most. The effort and time to schedule an inspection on a regular basis is a meagre price to spend for the contentment, which comes from knowing that your over ground pumps will function correctly and securely if you require it in a crisis.


Prioritize inspections of fire hydrants of your facility to enjoy:


  • Enhanced safety and contentment, as your facility is safeguarded by an operating fire hydrant.
  • Opportunity to avoid penance and fine

We are certified to inspect fire hydrants and to carry out varying services for fire hydrants to match up the state inspection and NFPA requirements. You can have faith in our technicians to rigorously inspect your fire protection system and each of its components. We will let you know whether there is any dearth and being a full-service fire protection service provider, upon your request, we can repair and maintain them as well. 

Fire hydrant Inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the NFPA 25. We are committed to making certain that your fire hydrants are functioning safely and correctly. We will make certain that your hydrants are compliant with every local ordinance and NFPA requirements. Our aim is to ensure that your system can produce sufficient water coming out of them at high pressure to extinguish a fire. Never hold up until your fire marshall tells you that your fire hydrants aren’t up to code. Allow us to aid you to get your hydrants up to code soon.


There are a lot of factors that can put your fire protection system at the vulnerability of failing to function normally, like mechanical failure, wear and tear, accidental damage. To let you realise why is it essential to carry out fire protection system inspection on a regular basis, we have identified 5 key reasons why:

Safety: Checking the safety of your fire hydrant will determine safety issues like rust and corrosion, leakage and misplaced components to find out whether the hydrants should be replaced or not. 

Capability: Checking its fire fighting ability will make certain that it is functioning well without any sort of interference.

Distribution: Assessing both its flow and water pressure will determine whether your fire hydrant is working to its complete potential.

Obstacles: Taking sediment and debris off from your system’s line will aid to reinstate it back to the original working state.

Liability: You can further avoid any liability issues through regular fire hydrant inspection. 

Over the years, we have been at the forefront in rendering inspection of fire hydrants. Our clients surmise that we conduct our services under strict quality control from the beginning until the end. If it’s high time for your fire hydrants to undergo an inspection, then get in touch with TAS Fire Protection today to arrange an inspection. We render fire hydrant inspections for commercial and institutional buildings. Contact us for Fire Hydrants Installation, Fire Hydrants Services Company.