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Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Kitchen areas are vulnerable to the possibility of fire via different complications. The blaze may occur from natural gas supply complications or from cooking oils or grease, and the added challenges posed by the amount of smoke in the kitchen. However, a kitchen fire suppression system is a comprehensive safety solution made to overcome these potential fires. They are designed so as to put out all kinds of flames consisting of oil fires, grease fires etc. The kitchen hood fire suppression system will extinguish the fire and make a vapour blanket to stop the rekindling of flame to aid keep it from advancing to the rest of the kitchen areas.

The National Fire Protection System 17 necessitates that the kitchen hood fire suppression system needs to be subjected to inspection semi-annually. It also requires that the systems need to be inspected by a licensed fire protection company. Every 6 months, certified fire suppression technicians need to make certain that whether there is a fire outbreak, your system will trigger, exhaust the fire and turn off the gas line or electric running to the equipment. Contact us for Kitchen Fire Suppression System and Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation

Even though the crucial component of kitchen fire safety is professional installation, it’s merely the beginning. One is supposed to set up inspections and tests on a regular basis from a licensed Fire Protection Service Provider to be code compliant as well as to make certain that each component of the equipment operates as expected in the event of a fire.

Maintaining fire safety within a kitchen area comes with a number of hurdles which calls for heedful consideration. Your kitchen needs to be equipped with an effective kitchen hood fire suppression system to keep the ones actively involved within the kitchen safe besides remaining compliant with the fire code. If you’re seeking the services of a Fire protection service provider in Southern Ontario, then look no more! Contact us for Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation.

kitchen fire suppression system inspection

TAS Fire Protection is a licensed Fire protection inspection provider. If you’re seeking kitchen fire suppression system inspection, our factory-trained fire suppression technicians can render the complete care and attention you require to stay confident in your inspected safety equipment.

You can’t misconstrue the significance of taking all the requisite precautions when it comes to safeguarding your assets. Testing and inspection of the Kitchen fire suppression system need to be executed by a certified and experienced fire protection team. Our fire suppression technicians can render everything you require, consisting of regular inspections, which will make certain the effectiveness and compliance of your kitchen hood fire suppression system. Our inspection process is extremely thorough and careful and adheres to every standard and requirement by the NFPA as well as the local and state codes. Contact us for Kitchen Fire Suppression System Inspection.

We can undertake the kitchen hood fire suppression system inspection semi-annually that fits the bills and satisfies all of your fire protection system requirements. Our factory-trained technicians are ready to make certain that your current kitchen fire suppression systems match up the NFPA requirements for inspection. They can inspect all kinds of fire suppression systems. Being a leading Fire Protection Service Provider throughout Canada & USA. TAS Fire Protection strives to meet every requirement concerning the security of your asset. We take the safety of everyone seriously and don’t settle for anything less than the finest and timely services for our customers.

When it comes to inspecting your kitchen fire suppression system, TAS Fire will carry out everything we can to ensure that your facility has the utmost fire protection. TAS Fire Protection is a one-stop-shop for all fire protection services you need. We have a wealth of experience rendering comprehensive fire protection services for commercial facilities. Our key focus is on the safety of our clients. We want to ensure that your workforce and assets are secure from the perils of the blaze. We will go above and beyond to ensure that your assets and employees are safeguarded from the dangers of potential fires and that your facility matches up with the fire safety codes. We endeavor to put in 110% to each project we undertake, so you know you can count on us for the inspection your system requires. They have a wealth of experience with kitchen fire suppression system installation.

Key purposes for inspecting kitchen fire suppression systems:

  • To make certain that the system is operating well.
  • To stop the untimely or undesirable discharge.

How to Prepare for Semi-annual Inspection?

Before the inspection, as the cooking equipment shouldn’t be in use and should be cool, it is better to set up an inspection in the off-hours and to let every staff of the inspection. Plus, ensure that all of them present knows that the fire alarm should be taken out of service while inspecting the system.

Never gamble with the safety of your guests, employees or the restaurant. Set up an inspection today or to learn more about our services, get in touch with us today on (905) 870-7779. You can also contact us online. Contact us for Kitchen Fire Suppression System and Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System.

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