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Welcome To TAS Fire Protection

Fire can happen anytime, anywhere therefore it's a basic necessity of the people sharing a building space to feel protected. The challenge to fire protection is multidimensional. At TAS Fire efficient systems, equipments, up to date knowledge and expertise is delivered with unmatched, uncompromised quality. TAS Fire Protection company located in Hamilton (ON) Canada provides various products and services throughout Southern Ontario. Our core focus is Fire Protection Services which includes Fire Fighting Equipment Installation, Fire Safety Inspection Services , certification, deficiency repairs, preventive and corrective maintenance of fire alarm system, fire protection equipment, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems and security systems.
We offer services to residential and commercial properties based on building code, fire code and electrical code. Our fully licensed CFAA technicians, 309A licensed electricians, Master electricians, licensed sprinkler fitters, NFPA 10 Certified technician, factory trained fire protection and suppression technicians provide quality & timely service and advise to ensure your safety. We ensure safety in affordable price ranges for all our products and services.

Why Should TAS FIRE be your Perfect Fire Safety Partner?

There is no need to count on multiple fire service providers! You can have peace of mind that if it's a , fire hydrant inspection, fire extinguisher inspection our adept technicians will check all of them without any disruptive shutdowns or alarms.


  • To deliver state of the art fire protection service.
  • To protect you and what's valuable to you at any cost.
  • To build a safer environment for the society, free from the dangers of fire.


  • Serve, protect and innovate better in the field of fire protection.
  • To expand the delivery of our unmatched quality services to people on a broader scale.



  • To maintain strict safety standards and rules following the NFPA guidelines.
  • To be available and responsible to the customers, delivering utmost satisfaction.