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Emergency Lighting System Services

Emergency Lighting is something which is very often overlooked until an emergency situation occurs. When power fails in your premises, the emergency lighting needs to stay lit for a minimum of 30 minutes, guiding everyone to evacuate the building safely. It is mandatory to maintain every emergency lighting in commercial buildings to comply with the applicable building codes. This lighting is typically utilized in commercial spaces of industrialized countries, whereas in smaller states, they are found in big commercial spaces such as malls and hotels. 

During any sort of catastrophe, emergency lighting is pretty crucial in guiding everyone inside to safety by pointing where they should move to and how to evacuate the building without entering and using the lifts. Emergency lighting is even more crucial in small and large buildings alike, with a lot of occupants such as residential, commercial and institutional spaces, as there is a tremendous chance of confusion and panic when the alarm blares.

At TAS Fire, we specialise in emergency lighting inspection, certification, deficiency repairs and can aid you to maintain secure emergency lighting in your facility. We consider your safety seriously and urge clients to have our experienced technicians set up and carry out regular inspection of their emergency lighting. Our technicians have the certification and experience to make certain that your system operates correctly when you require them the most. Contact us for Emergency Lighting System and Emergency Lighting System Services.

Importance of Emergency Lighting

Making certain the operational readiness of the system is the obligation for people who manage the building as well as a safety code requirement. TAS Fire Protection makes certain that every component of your emergency lighting system is getting the attention they deserve to function well when you require them. 


  • The lights function in the event of an emergency.
  • The emergency egress will be secure.
  • Facility security will be working during an emergency.
  • Charges from injury and claims will be lowered.
  • System downtime will be lowered.

Emergency Lighting Inspection

Even though setting up an emergency lighting system is the key step, you should also make certain that every backup light will operate as intended when you require them. This calls for emergency lighting inspection for a minimum of every year in accordance with the fire and safety codes. TAS Fire technicians are equipped and trained to inspect all your emergency lighting system requirements. Our emergency lighting system inspection can identify and rectify possible problems before an emergency happens. So rest assured that a trained technician will show up on the site to rectify your problem in a matter of minutes.

Being a trusted provider of emergency lighting inspection services, we endeavour to render the best possible service, suggestions and support to our customers. We’ll make certain that you get the greatest standards of support and care during the whole inspection process. We render timely and efficient servicing of emergency lighting. During the fire inspection services from TAS Fire Protection, our technicians will make certain that your system’s vital components are completely functional or not. When you require professional emergency lighting inspection services for your system, get in touch with TAS Fire Protection to receive the expert service you require for improved security and safety. Contact us for Emergency Lighting System Inspection.

Why Choose Us?

Our dedicated team of skilled and trained technicians are available across Canada & USA, with a wealth of experience to build service and maintenance contracts tailored to your needs. We make certain that the emergency lighting of our customer’s building remains maintained via the procedure of regular testing. 

Our emergency lighting system services consist of maintenance and inspection, making certain that business systems prevail to meet their requirements and keeping one and all safe. Emergency lighting comprises many different installations like light boxed which can lit emergency exits in a space, LED lighting, which lights up perilous spaces of a factory floor or baton lights which illuminates a car parking area at night. Such systems can aid organisations to safeguard the workforce from injuries, simplify maintenance activities and operations, as well as matchup fire safety regulations.

TAS Fire is an emergency lighting service provider and we can provide assistance in compliance with every important legal need for your organisation. Protect your customers/employees from danger by getting your system serviced regularly. 

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