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What is the most basic yet crucial element in a fire protection system? It is the fire alarm. Without proper detection of a fire hazard, prevention or precaution will not have any useful effect. It is vital to install fire alarms in any facilities, schools, commercial buildings, households, medical institutions, basically anywhere where there is a slight chance of igniting a fire hazard.

We at TAS Fire provide you with proper installation and maintenance of your fire alarm systems with the help of our in-house certified professionals and quality tools. A fire alarm can keep you away from major fire outbreaks and alert you even to the slightest possibility of one. It can act as a shield for your valued possessions at your home or any other commercial premises if it is up and working properly without any failure.

The first step to having a perfectly working fire alarm system at your premises is to properly do the installation. And this is where TAS Fire comes to you as the best guide. TAS Fire personnel have plenty of experience in the area of fire alarm installations, no matter what the setup is. It could be a household building or a commercial setup. TAS Fire provides personalized fire alarm components as well as certified professionals to do the work. We do not leave any space for carelessness or faulty installation, as your building’s safety depends on it.

But it takes more than just installation to make sure the alarm is operating without fault. TAS Fire helps you not only to initiate your fire protection system to be intact, but we strive to help you in this process in the long run! Our services extend from fire alarm installation to fire alarm maintenance and monitoring. Fire alarm monitoring can come in really handy and let you be stress-free so that if there is any kind of emergency related to a fire, you will be notified instantly, and you can take the next precautionary measure to prevent the fire from spreading.

Why Choose TAS Fire Ptotection?

TAS Fire Protection company offers you unlimited and 24-hours-a-day support for alarm monitoring and all fire protection-related services across Canada and USA. This includes Coral Springs and the Parkland of Florida. Our services are not just limited to facilities and buildings that have active inhabitants or are in good living conditions. It is very important to have fire alarm installations and monitoring in vacant and empty buildings. Most of the people will have possessions and other valuable items even though the site is not active. And if the place is inactive, the risk of an unexpected fire is very high.

TAS Fire professionals will help you with your alarm monitoring at places like this to ensure all of your belongings are safe and sound. The TAS Fire team is consistently available round the clock if there is any fire emergency or the alarm goes off. We do not spare another second to waste and immediately handle the situation with proper caution. The special alarm monitoring team at TAS Fire will immediately notify the authorities and the fire department, and the rest of it will be taken care of. If you have one or more buildings and facilities across Coral Springs, Florida, or Parkland, Florida, we can provide personalized alarm monitoring solutions specifically designed for your building premises, which will meet your requirements. Also, we do not compromise on the standard of protection components we use.

In the occurrence of a fire outbreak, everything relies upon the time. The faster we can get to the bottom of it, the faster the fire is extinguished. This is only possible if there is consistent around-the-clock alarm monitoring. We are all aware that there are no second chances in the case of a fire. Whatever should be done, it must be done in the beginning minutes, as every second is crucial. Along with providing 24-hour alarm monitoring services, we also make sure to give your fire protection system regular inspections at particular time intervals, and these services are available all across Parkland and Coral Springs in Florida.

Now, most customers are always worried about the expense it takes to install a proper fire protection system or the charges it costs to have an alarm monitoring service in place. This is where TAS Fire strives to provide you with the most convenient option for you. All of our services, including fire alarm monitoring and regular inspections, are very cost-effective. We at TAS Fire make sure that you do not burn a hole through your pocket trying to get your premises and facilities safeguarded against fire outbreaks.

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