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Fire Sprinkler System Installation

A sprinkler system is one of the most safer and effective ways to extinguish a fire. They aid to monitor, find and minimise fire risks. The National Fire Protection Association statistics show that the havoc caused to commercial and institutional buildings with a sprinkler system was about 60% lesser than the havoc to buildings without a sprinkler system. So installing sprinkler systems is the right thing to do to safeguard your invaluable assets.  A fire sprinkler system comprises a lot of components, like valves, pipes, control systems, sprinkler heads and pumps. To operate correctly, each of these components needs to be sourced from trusted manufacturers, combined into a well-designed and cohesive fire sprinkler and need to be installed the right way. At TAS Fire Protection, we undertake sprinkler system installation and certify that they are in the highest working order. With a wealth of experience in the industry, we have the team and prowess to render a fire sprinkler system which meets your fire protection requirements.

Installation by our certified technician is streamlined through equipping each of them with state of the art and correctly maintained equipment and tools. Our fire sprinkler technicians offer greater value by secure and efficacious operations and will complete the fire sprinkler system installation in compliance with the NFPA and other applicable regulations and codes.

We have the proven capability to install sprinkler systems promptly, on budget. TAS Fire’s fire sprinkler systems will keep your assets protected from a potential fire emergency round the clock and render security for everyone. TAS Fire Protection renders the one-of-a-kind blend of managerial and technical prowess required to complete a sprinkler system project.When you need uncompromising safety and top of the line Fire protection system, TAS fire Protection is the company to call. Contact us for fire Sprinkler System and Automatic Sprinkler System Installation

Verticals We Serve

The technicians at TAS Fire Protection render fire sprinkler system installation services for residential, institutional and commercial buildings. Our capabilities and extensive experience let us render each aspect of fire protection requirements for the below projects:

  • Homes
  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Multifamily housing buildings
  • Garages
  • Warehouse
  • Schools, colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Government institutional buildings
  • Churches


Owing to our wealth of experience working with building owners, we can promise that we will provide a sprinkler system completely integrated and compliant with your property. We can design and install a system that is appropriate to suit your organisation’s requirements and facility’s specifications. We can install sprinkler systems in the course of improvement projects or new construction alike, and upon installation, we will carry out testing to assess functionality.

Even though it can be impractical to entirely erase the likelihood of a fire, getting a sprinkler system correctly installed can significantly reduce damage in a fire emergency. Regardless of the kind of system your commercial area needs, we can get the fully modern fire sprinkler system in place. Through the years, we have installed dry sprinkler system, automatic sprinkler system, underground sprinkler system, blowing out sprinkler system, above ground sprinkler system and water sprinkler system. The most common sprinkler system for fire protection is the wet sprinkler system, seen in most workspaces, but every commercial space needs a specific solution. At TAS Fire, our team is committed to working closely with clients to find what works best for them and to set it up efficaciously.


We also take pride in rendering the top-of-the-line fire sprinkler system installation service to residential owners. We work closely with house owners, apartment managers and contractors to make certain the effectiveness and safety of every project we undertake.

When it comes to installing sprinkler systems at residential buildings, we are driven to develop lasting relationships with our customer by rendering superlative performance that surpasses expectations. This comprises of carefully balancing functionality and aesthetics and keeping up a greater level of professionalism and client satisfaction. TAS Fire is completely dedicated to the contentment of our clients and the safety of their assets. From small to larger commercial, institutional and residential facilities, TAS Fire has the apt solution for your space. Over the decades and still, we have maintained an accent on client contentment, the efficaciousness, and the quality of our services.

Once we consider your requirements, we suggest a dependable and code-compliant sprinkler system which render the utmost level of fire protection possible. We then walk you along from the primary design and installation through the inspection process to make certain that your fire sprinkler system is code compliant and completely operational 24×7.

Why Choose Us?

Our team is thorough and methodical and won’t rely on shortcuts but instead make certain that the task is completed by the book. TAS Fire believes that success can only be achieved with planning. Our installation technicians will coordinate with every trades to find the right installation course of action.

Whether we are carrying out installation over a ceiling at a workspace or at an open warehouse, our standards are a clean installation process. Regardless of your application, prefer TAS Fire for an eco-friendly fire sprinkler system that lowers the havoc caused by the fire and facility downtime. We set the sprinkler system in place to the NFPA standards, the standard for setting up sprinkler systems.

Regardless of how complex the system is, our skilled technicians will do everything they can to safeguard you and your assets from an event of fire. When you count on TAS Fire for installing the sprinkler system, you are not receiving standard installation work from a normal fire protection service provider. We have been into the installation of fire sprinkler systems through the years, so you’ll not merely receive the attention you well deserve but also exceptional sprinkler installation services.Our technicians are professional, deferential and mindful of safety during the whole installation procedure. Once having completed the installation, our staff will approach the local fire department to make certain complete compliance with the codes and regulations.

Never leave your assets susceptible to the risk of fire. When you need uncompromising safety and top of the line Fire protection system, TAS Fire Protection is the company to call. Get in touch with us for any queries or to arrange a sprinkler installation today. Let TAS Fire Protection install a system and safeguard your assets.

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