Security Alarm Monitoring


You can’t be certain when your residence can be the next target for thieves. However, in lieu of waiting for them to get the most of your residence, render the protection that your family and assets require. At TAS Fire Protection, we can aid you with Security Alarm System Installation. We are a renowned security alarm installer at affordable prices.


​TAS Fire Protection has a holistic approach towards security alarm system installation and service, accenting on developing sustainable and effectual security solutions to safeguard what’s significant to you. Over the years, we have helped secure facilities throughout Southern Ontario. We employ trained and experienced technicians prepared to handle each level of your security project, beginning with the primary planning until the final installation. They strictly adhere to the NFPA codes. We hold our personnel to the utmost standards to make certain that they are aptly certified and trained in line with the industry requirements. So when you count on us for security alarm installation you can be certain of trustworthy, expert installation, inspection and more. TAS Fire Protection sets the standard with the level of trustworthy service.

Being a complex system of security alarms it calls for dedicated and reliable co-ordination by a reliable partner. Through strictly adhering to the governmental regulations and rules, once installed, your security alarm is free of any troubles. We can undertake residential, commercial and institutional installation projects.


Security Alarm Systems are designed to alert everyone when a breach of security happens. And a great way to ensure that your device is operating correctly is to arrange a regular fire safety inspection by security alarm companies. Luckily, we render a security alarm system inspection for each device so that you have peace of mind that yours is functioning optimally.

Inspection of security alarms can be availed on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and semi-annual basis to keep your devices in tip-top condition. It’s possible to schedule a regular inspection of security systems at any interval you wish.To be effective, each security alarm system needs to undergo inspection and be well maintained in conformity with the pertinent regulations, standards, codes and laws. Take complete control of your security and be take-charge of the inspection of your security alarm. To know more about our security alarm system inspection services or to schedule an inspection, get in touch with us today.

Our technicians can render regular inspections required to assure your security alarm is operating properly. Our technicians carry out every kind of inspection for all security alarm systems brands. Our team will create accurate reports, further requirements and will let you know. Regular security alarm system inspection can increase the amount of time the system can function on your property and lower the number of service calls connected with the equipment. When our technicians carry out inspection regularly, they can supplant any parts having wear- especially batteries which should be supplanted in an interval of 3 years. Letting a skilled set of eyes inspect your device can bring down service calls which often crop up during an emergency. Contact us for Security Alarm System, Home Security Alarm System and Security Alarm Installer.

Added to that, regular inspections can also reduce false alarms. The reason why is that our skilled technicians can identify whether there is any problem with your security alarm that can bring about false alarms. Besides they can also determine any existing possible issues and rectify them before it becomes a problem.Our trained and certified technicians follow every existing regulations and standards such as NFPA, ULC and the NBC. We are the best at what we do as we employ experienced and trained technicians.

Inspections on a regular basis not merely keep you in compliance with the industry standards but also make certain that your security alarm system can respond promptly in the event of a breach of security. Two of the customer touchpoints where we outdo is the security alarm system and we are dedicated to excel wherever they are involved. Till date, we have never failed in rendering best in class services. To learn more about our home security alarm system installation, get in touch with us. Contact us for Security Alarm System, Home Security Alarm System and Security Alarm Installer.


The key to our success is certainly our team. Having a wealth of experience in the field of security services, our professionals have attained a deep insight into this industry. This aided us in improvising our installation process. One wrong choice can lead to the entire collapse of your security alarm system. But our well-trained technicians never let that happen as their words are an outcome of extensive years of exposure. When you count on us, without putting in immense effort and time, you will get quality services besides outstanding solutions.