Smoke and CO Detection System

Smoke and CO Detection Systems are one of the most overlooked safety devices in residences. They make for a life-saving investment for your residence and your family. They have saved countless lives. As CO and smoke leakage is common, you need to safeguard from fatal CO and smoke. Almost nothing in your residence is more significant for the secure and safe state of your family than smoke and CO detection systems in sound condition. This is why TAS Fire Protection renders Smoke and CO detection system inspection to provide house owners and residents peace of mind knowing that their device is well maintained. Fire and CO can be a fatal duo in fire safety system,  but TAS Fire Protection makes it simpler to safeguard yourself and your assets from both.

Our personnel are well trained to make certain the proper inspection of smoke and CO detection systems in your residence. Contact us to arrange an appointment for excellent quality service of smoke and CO detection system or resume reading to know more. Contact us for Smoke Detection Systems and CO Detection System.

Smoke and CO Detection System Inspection

Knowing the perfect spots in residence to position CO and smoke detection systems isn’t a matter of conjecture. In each residence, there are scores of places where only smoke detection systems or CO detection systems or both are required on the basis of the vicinity to menace or living spaces. The devices need to be mounted rightly as well, high up on a room’s or hallway’s ceilings or walls. Our technicians will inspect your residence for fire safety best practices, ensuring that the devices are correctly set to make certain utmost safety and effectiveness.

Smoke and CO detection devices have sensing technology which can detect the silent killer-CO and fire. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection systems safeguard lives. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention reported that every year, over 20,000 people are admitted to the emergency room owing to the Carbon monoxide poisoning. And in those numbers, 4000 people were admitted to the hospital and over 400 people died.

A report by NFPA revealed that three-fifths of deaths caused by an event of a fire at home was because of the lack of smoke alarms. So, the proper inspection of smoke and CO detection systems doesn’t merely make a distinction between a disaster and a narrow escape, but also pretty much the distinction between life and death. Contact us for Smoke Detection Systems and CO Detection System Inspection.

Why Choose Us?

  • Smoke and CO Detection systems have an entrenched record of saving the lives of many and reducing asset damage. But they won’t function well when not placed and inspected properly. Thorough and periodic fire inspection is the foundation of an efficient fire protection system. Regular precise and timely inspection of residential buildings are dealt with nonpareil quality at TAS Fire.
    • The trained and certified technicians here at TAS Fire adhere to every current standards and regulation. Our team works diligently to create precise reports, further requirements and inform you with immense clarity.
    • Our premium quality inspection services ensure that your device functions well and continues to play their role. You can avail smoke and CO system inspection weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
    • We render our smoke and CO Detection system service throughout Southern Ontario. We undertake residential services as per the electrical code, fire code and building code. Our licensed and certified technicians render prompt and effective service and offer you advice to assure safety. Our services can be availed at much competitive rates without skimping quality.

When you choose us for inspection services of Smoke and CO detection systems, rest assured that you’re availing the services of a team with:

Experience and expertise: With extensive experience in the industry, we can offer the best solution for your requirements.

Timely and trustworthy service: Serving throughout Canada and USA, you will have the peace of mind that your assets are in the safe hands. Our technicians also carry an array of tools which can help safeguard your family, assets and more.

Contact TAS Fire Protection for Quality Smoke and CO Detection System Service in Ontario. If you want to know more or arrange an appointment for smoke and CO detection system service such as inspection, ring us on (905) 870-7779 or alternatively get in touch online. Contact us for Smoke Detection Systems and CO Detection System.

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