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Fire Inspection Services from Tasfire

Fire protection services have an entrenched record of reducing asset damage and safeguarding invaluable lives. But, they won’t operate well unless they are designed, placed and inspected properly. Our top-notch fire inspection services make certain that your fire protection systems function efficiently and will prevail to play their role in fire detection and control. We can render fire inspection, regardless of the type of fire protection system, without causing any disruption to your business, perfectly aligned to your schedule.

Being one of the full-service fire inspection services providers, TAS Fire can render fire inspection services to all of our customer’s fire protection systems. Our technicians who are trained and certified adhere to all current regulations and standards render fire inspection services to various brands of equipment.

TAS Fire renders fire inspection services for residential, commercial and institutional premises based on their layout. These services are tailored to the requirements of our customers- they comprise building owners and occupants, installers, major contractors, and more. There is no need to count on multiple fire inspection service providers, our expert technicians will do fire alarm inspection, fire hydrant inspection, fire extinguisher inspection without any disruptive shutdowns or alarms.


Inspection both periodic and thorough forms the backbone on of an efficient fire protection system. Monthly and annual inspection of commerical and non-commercial properties are covered with unmatched quality at TAS Fire. With changing times and modern technology TAS Fire has been in the forefront providing up to date expertise in inspection and maintenance.

Fire protection systems contains both mechanical and electronic machinery that are subject to, deterioration, break down, faulty functioning, erosion etc. We employ certified and trained technicians who adhere to all current standards and regulations – NFPA, ULC, and the National Building Code of Canada. Our team work meticulously to prepare accurate reports, further requirements, and subsequently brief you with utmost clarity.

Inspection services can be availed weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi annually and annually. We deliver precise inspection of fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, smoke and CO detectors, kitchen fire suppression systems, security alarm, fire hoses, fire hydrants. Contact us for best Fire Inspection Services in Canada and USA.


Our team of experts provides detailed inspection reports, recommendations for system upgrades or enhancements, and timely reminders for your next inspection, so you can rest assured that your fire safety systems are up to date and in optimal working condition.

  • Annual Fire Inspection
  • Monthly Fire Inspection
  • Weekly Fire Inspection
  • Semi-annual Fire Inspection
  • Quarterly Fire Inspection

We can be your single-source partner for all fire inspection services, inclusive of:

  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection
  • Fire Alarm Inspection
  • Fire Sprinkler Inspection
  • Fire Hydrant Inspection
  • Fire Hoses Inspection
  • Emergency Lighting Inspection
  • Smoke and Co Detectors Inspection
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression System Inspection

When you count on us for fire inspection services, rest assured that you’re availing the services of a team with at most expertise and experience. With a wealth of experience in the industry, TAS Fire can render the best solution for every fire protection requirement.We offer prompt and trustworthy inspection services. We aid you to safeguard lives and properties from sudden breakouts of

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Institutions

We carry a wide range of the latest fire inspection tools which can aid safeguard your workforce, customers, facilities and more.

Fire Inspection Tools

At TAS Fire, we use the latest and most advanced fire inspection tools to ensure that your fire protection systems are thoroughly inspected and tested. Our team of experts is equipped with specialized equipment to detect and diagnose any issues or potential hazards in your fire protection systems. With these fire inspection tools, we can quickly and accurately identify any problems and provide recommendations for repairs or upgrades to ensure that your fire protection systems are functioning at their best.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Fire extinguishers are excellent equipment that, when utilised correctly, can safeguard lives in an unprecedented fire emergency. But merely having fire extinguishers in place isn’t enough-they need routine inspections to make certain their ability to function well as required during a fire emergency. At TAS Fire protection, our team has extensive knowledge in the process of fire extinguisher inspection. Every component of the equipment needs to be thoroughly inspected to make certain complete safety of your property.

Utilizing our thorough fire extinguisher inspection process, we will see to it that your equipment is set to handle an emergency circumstance. Avail the comprehensive and thorough fire extinguisher inspection services you require to keep up NFPA compliance through arranging the service with TAS Fire protection. Contact us for best Fire Extinguisher Inspection services.

Fire Alarm Inspection

A fire alarm system will safeguard your invaluable possessions provided it’s operating correctly. We understand that you have a lot of tasks to juggle to keep your property operating and secure. With our fire alarm inspection services, rest assured that your equipment is functioning properly and complies with your local and provincial codes. Inspection & Testing of Fire Alarm Systems using the latest code CAN/ULC-S536

This equipment needs to be inspected, tested and maintained on a regular basis to comply with the regulations and codes of your provincial or local jurisdiction. Our certified and trained technicians adhere to the standards and codes by the NFPA to ensure life and assets are safeguarded in the event of a fire emergency. Our technicians will inspect your fire alarm system following these standards and codes to make certain that every component is operating well. Contact us for best Fire Alarm Inspection service.

Fire Hydrant Inspection

Fire hydrants provide firefighters access to utilise a dependable source of water to fight the flames. In fact, they are the gateway to fire protection. However, they typically need regular inspection to make certain that it’s completely operational when required. The suite of services rendered by TAS Fire establish their capacity to correctly connect to the hoses, providing unrepressed water flow. Our certified and trained technicians with the know-how and prowess will aid make certain that the fire hydrant in your premises are up-to-code and can safeguard your assets in a fire emergency.

At TAS Fire protection, our fire hydrant inspection process also review that your hydrants meet all the codes.With a core focus on fire protection, serve the entire area of Canada and USA. We believe in rendering superlative services at a fair price and take pride in our prompt responses. Contact us for best Fire Hydrant Inspection Services.

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1.What is a fire inspection and why is it important ?

A fire inspection is a thorough examination of a building or property to identify potential fire hazards and ensure that fire safety measures are in place and functional. It is important to conduct regular fire inspections to prevent fires and protect the occupants of the building.

2.How often should a fire system be inspected?

The frequency of fire inspections depends on the type of property and its usage. Generally, commercial buildings require more frequent inspections than residential properties. It is recommended to have your property inspected at least once a year.

3. Which all fire protection systems are required to be inspected?

Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm, Fire Hydrant, Fire Hoses, Fire sprinkler, Emergency lighting, Kitchen Fire Suppression system

4.What are the guidelines for fire inspection?

Some of the main guidelines for fire inspection are,

  1. Make sure the systems are working properly
  2. Follow all mandatory rules
  3. Update with the latest NFPA codes and regulations
  4. Be aware of reductions in insurance
  5. Avoid penalties

5.Who can do fire system inspection in Canada?

Fire system inspections in Canada are typically performed by certified and trained professionals who specialize in fire inspection services. These professionals may work for licensed fire protection companies or as independent contractors. TAS Fire is one of such leading fire inspection providers in Canada and USA.


You can drop us a mail at tasfireprotection@gmail.com or fill our online form to arrange a fire inspection service.