Fire Alarm System

A well designed and installed fire alarm is the basic element of a fire protection system. The dependable fire alarm system installed in your premise makes certain absolute code compliance and safeguard lives. It’s ear splitting sound and flashing lights notify occupants of a premise to evacuate as soon as possible before they notice a fire or smell smoke. Fire alarm systems installation in office buildings, hotels, malls, hospitals, governmental institutional buildings, educational institutions and even at residential buildings are vital to enhance safety standards and to make occupants have a feeling of safety when there is an unprecedented event of a fire.

We provide code-compliant installation of fire alarm systems. TAS Fire has a wealth of experience in Fire alarm installation for residential, commercial and institutional buildings across Canada and USA. Our fire alarm technicians are highly qualified to render Fire alarm panel installation services and we won’t consider this work complete until you’re absolutely content. Till date, we have completed innumerable fire alarm system installations on different kinds of facilities ranging from small office buildings to high rise buildings.

At TAS Fire protection, we endeavour to render the premium quality fire alarm installation services possible. We get the fire alarm system in place from a range of quality manufacturers. Our fire alarm system technicians are consistently cognisant via continuous training in the changing technology behind fire alarms. They also have far-reaching credentials and training, with a wealth of experience in fire alarm installation. Our technicians utilise their solid project management and administration prowess so that you will be rest assured knowing that your fire protection system is set to the greatest standards.

We can set each component of your system, consisting of fire alarm control panels, Booster panels, Smoke detectors, Fire proof bells, Annunciator panels, Pull stations, Duct detectors and Horn strobes. When you contact us to install a system, you’ll get the strength of a team renowned for being dependable and professional. TAS Fire protection can be your best bet for fire alarm installation across Canada and USA. To schedule fire alarm installation, feel free to get in touch with us today.

Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

It goes without saying that getting a fire alarm in place is the first step to making certain a secure and code-compliant building, as well as to safeguard all occupants’ lives and assets. However, more is required to have a functional system for years to come. TAS Fire provides complete fire alarm system services to make certain compliance and dependability for the long run. These services comprise Fire Alarm monitoring & Fire Alarm inspection.

Fire alarm monitoring can be quite advantageous to your home, company or institution, even if it isn’t necessitated by building code. You can be rest assured knowing that when there is an emergency, you will have an instantaneous response to it, regardless of the time of the day. Even if the building is vacant, a fire can start anytime! It can be particularly instrumental in having fire alarm monitoring when there is no one in the building as emergency agencies are summoned even if the building is unoccupied, which makes certain that your assets are safeguarded every time. Even though the fire alarm system can activate instantaneously, you still require some sort of monitoring to safeguard your lives and assets. And TAS Fire Protection can offer that.

TAS Fire is your round the clock support staff with fire alarm monitoring. We render Fire alarm monitoring services for residential, commercial and institutional facilities in Oregon. It can be a cost-effective means to make certain that your invaluable properties get the attention as fast as possible in an event of a fire. When someone shoves the panic button or when there is an event of a fire, our fire alarm monitoring team is aware of it the moment it occurs. Police, ambulance or fire services teams are quickly summoned. Letting them know within minutes of fire detection is vital. We will also let the designated contact know of the emergency and our response to the event of a fire. All of this occurs within moments of the alert. If you have a large commercial or institutional locality or a small-scale business, we can curate a fire alarm monitoring solution for your building and surroundings to meet the standards.

At TAS Fire protection, our pricing is transparent, without any hidden surprises, extra trip charges. We take immense pride in developing every relationship with our clients on the basis of superlative customer services and honesty. Our dependable fire alarm monitoring service renders you the peace of mind that your facilities are safeguarded. With our best fire protection services, you’ll get an edge from having a single point of contact for each of your facilities. Get in touch with us today to know more regarding our Fire alarm monitoring service.

There aren’t many second chances with an event of a fire. Besides Fire alarm system installation and monitoring services, TAs Fire also renders fire alarm system inspection services as part of our fire protection services for residential, commercial and institutional facilities across Canada and USA. We know how fatal fire is. If your fire alarm system ceases functioning in the event of a fire in your building, it will cost you the invaluable time required to evacuate the facility harmlessly. Inspecting your fire alarm system goes a long way in identifying any problem with it and lets you get the fire alarm mended prior to a fire emergency. At TAS Fire protection, we render fire alarm system inspection quarterly, monthly, semi-annually and annually. Be rest assured through getting your system inspected on a regular basis. Contact us for Fire Alarm System, Fire Alarm Technician and Fire Alarm Monitoring Services.

It is a requirement that every residential, commercial facility needs to comply with the National Fire Protection Association standards and codes. We will aid you to remain in compliance with those NFPA specifications through rendering you fire alarm system inspections regularly. Our experienced personnel will carry out system inspection complying with the NFPA 72 requirements. Inspecting fire alarm systems differ from one site to another. However, making certain that the equipment will function when required is vital. Rust, dirt, dust and day to day exposure to various elements can wreak havoc on your fire protection equipment. Inspection and related services carried out on a regular basis can aid prolong the life of your fire protection system and match up the insurance and industry guidelines.

When every second count, detection and warning in advance, and fire alarm system need to work in conjunction to expedite safe exit, lower liability and damage. Regardless of how old your fire protection equipment is, it comes out effective only if it operates. Be ahead of your fire protection plan and always safeguard your invaluable assets.

TAS Fire protection has a wealth of experience in working with a broad array of fire alarm systems. We render a complete range of fire protection services for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Our quarterly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual inspections will make certain that you’re every time up to code. Our personnel are certified in the fire alarm system inspection, which means a single fire protection service provider will carry out inspection and related services of all your fire alarm systems.

TAS Fire works closely with our residential, commercial and institutional clients to ensure that their fire protection equipment is always ready to do the job. TAS Fire cares on the unique requirements of your facility and is committed to keeping your fire system utterly tested and functional. We render a complete range of fire alarm system inspection services that are tailored to the requirements of every client. The technicians here are fully-licensed and highly-trained and can respond to your queries round the clock. Our field team aren’t inspection crews, instead, they are cognizant of how to inspect and resolve its problems they might come across. Contact us for Fire Alarm System, Fire Alarm Technician and Fire Alarm Monitoring Services.

Advantages of Fire Alarm System Inspection

Besides meeting compliance specifications, there are a lot of benefits for inspecting fire alarm system inspection, such as

Meeting fire insurance requirements: The insurance policy of your house owner/commercial property in likelihood comprise a provision that mandates fire alarm system inspection on a regular basis. If you file a claim and fail to provide acceptable proof of testing, then certainly you won’t be covered for the damage. Certain insurance firms also render a discount when a fire alarm is inspected annually(on a minimum).

Minimising legal liability: During an event of a fire, if your fire alarm system failed to operate rightly, and there were a lot of injuries as a result of the fire, then you could legally be held liable if it is found that you didn’t fulfil the requirements of fire system inspection.

Saving lives: The key reason to get your fire alarm system inspected on a regular basis and system installation are the same to save invaluable lives. A correctly operating fire alarm system will make certain fire detection in advance, make the difference between life and death.

Preventing fire alarms: False alarms prove to be problematic for fire departments that are already operating with lesser resources. Certain local municipalities even impose fine on building owners lest there is a false alarm occurrence. Inspections on a regular basis can reduce the chance of false alarms.

At TAS Fire our trained and certified technicians follow all the most modern regulations and standards such as NFPA, ULC and NBCC for inspection. Our whole team strives meticulously to make precise reports, further needs and later on brief you with absolute clarity.

Let us render you the finest fire protection services to guarantee the safety of the occupants and rest who show up in your facility whilst safeguarding material assets. To learn more about our fire alarm system inspection services, get in touch with us today.

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