Security CCTV Cameras

Outdoor & Indoor Security Cameras (CCTV)

A security camera is the first step in the safety process. Installing multiple security cameras all around and inside the building can help you keep an eye on what is happening in and around the building. In this fast-developing era of advanced technology, where all these technical facilities are widely available for everyone, not installing a security camera in your home or factory seems to be an odd choice.

TAS Fire provides high-quality security cameras that are suitable for all types of buildings, such as residential, commercial, and industrial. TAS Fire also delivers other safety and protection services such as fire alarm inspections and maintenance, installing fire extinguishers, inspections for smoke and CO detectors, and so on.

The Benefits of Security Cameras

  • High security: Installing a security camera assures the security of your people and your possessions. Most burglars and other criminals refrain from breaking and entering houses and buildings with security cameras, as there are high chances for them to get caught.
  • Increased productivity: Security cameras are highly beneficial in an industrial environment. They help in increasing the productivity and morale of the workers as they are being monitored and watched.
  • Aids to the police: When a burglary happens, the police are required to investigate and arrest the culprit. The security cameras in and around the building can help the police and make their job easier.
  • Keep an eye on the family: These security cameras could be beneficial for working parents, as they can keep an eye on their children. You can also check in on elderly parents while working with the help of these security cameras.
  • Insurance benefits: Following a robbery or other mishap, you would be required to file for insurance. You will also have to provide evidence for the burglary. Security cameras would be a piece of great evidence that you could present to the insurance company.
  • Prevent fraudulent activities: Every business organisation is vulnerable to fraudulent activities perpetrated by its employees, stakeholders, and others. These activities can be prevented with the help of security cameras or CCTVs, as they monitor and keep track of what every employee is doing.
  • Keeping records: On a work site or factory, there could be a number of employees and visitors. Installing a security camera system to keep track and record when these employees and visitors enter and exit the work site is beneficial for the organisation’s work culture.

Why Choose Us?

TAS Fire has high experience in working with multiple buildings and areas such as residential, commercial, and industrial as well. Most of the services TAS Fire provides are mainly for fire safety and fire protection services. Our certified and professional workers work efficiently and productively to assess the situations and provide the required services.The security camera services provided by TAS Fire are of top quality and ensure the safety of your loved ones and belongings. Our team of professional and certified workers can assess and understand your needs and provide security camera services according to your requirements.

The efficient and professional personnel of TAS Fire could assist with the installation of these security cameras and also provide systematic inspections and maintenance as required.Currently, we have extended our services of security cameras and security alarms to more areas in Florida, such as in Coral Springs, Florida and Parkland, Florida.

TAS Fire is the go-to fire and safety company in selected states and provinces of the USA and Canada, such as Ontario, Hamilton, Toronto, Florida, Markham, and so on. Our capabilities include fire alarms, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire hoses, sprinkler systems, etc.We also provide top-quality and efficient services in terms of inspection, monitoring, and maintenance of this fire safety equipment as well. These fire safety and fire protection measures are beneficial for the smooth running of a household, industry, public area, and so on.

TAS Fire also provides a number of security camera services, such as

  • Installation of CCTV.
  • Inspection of security cameras.
  • Security camera footage backup.
  • Maintenance of security cameras, and so on.

Our employees install the security cameras perfectly so as to receive the desired camera angle and video footage. Once the cameras are installed, we offer occasional and systematic inspections and maintenance of the security cameras. We also offer consistent backup and more storage space for camera footage.

The number and type of security cameras differ with where you want them to be installed, such as whether they are in residential, commercial, or industrial areas. TAS Fire covers all these queries and doubts about security cameras and helps you to choose the right type and number of security cameras according to your needs.

Other Services

TAS Fire also provides many more services in terms of fire safety and protection, such as: