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Are you seeking assistance in installing fire safety equipment and other fire protection measures in your building? TAS Fire is committed to delivering numerous fire safety and fire protection services in and around selected states and provinces of the USA and Canada.

Fire safety and protection are an inevitable part of a safe and secure environment. Everyone should be cautious about susceptible fire hazards so as to prevent massive fires. If you are seeking the service of an electrical contractor to install and inspect the fire protection equipment and other electrical services, TAS Fire provides the most professional and ethical services in the USA and Canada.

Fire Safety and Protection Equipment

Fire safety and fire protection equipment are the ideal ways to prevent large fires that could result in fatal injuries and the loss of valuable property. TAS Fire provides a multitude of fire safety and protection equipment services as per your requirements. Some of the fire safety and protection equipment we provide are


  • Fire Alarms: Fire alarms are used to alert the occupants when a fire breaks out. The fire alarm system detects the presence of fire and smoke and makes a chirp or beep noise to alert the occupants about the fire.
  • Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers are highly beneficial for putting out small fires and preventing them from breaking out into large ones that can lead to fatal calamities.
  • Fire Hydrants: A fire hydrant must be installed around every building in a city as they provide direct access to underground pipelines. These hydrants are required to be inspected at regular intervals to prevent any malfunctions in an emergency situation. TAS Fire installs, inspects, and maintains the fire hydrant system on a regular and persistent basis.
  • Fire Sprinklers: Fire sprinkler systems help in detecting the fire and smoke, at the same time sprinkling water into the room in order to put out the fire or at least contain the fire in the room.
  • Smoke and CO Detectors: These smoke and CO detectors detect the smoke rising to the ceiling and make a chirping or beeping sound in order to alert the occupants and residents about the fire.
  • Fire Hoses: Fire hoses are often seen on every floor of multiple-storied buildings. Anyone could use the hose to put out the fire and also alert the other occupants to evacuate quickly.

Fire safety equipment that is mandatory for a densely populated area or a factory includes fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, smoke and CO detectors, fire hoses, and so on. Certified and professionally trained technicians from TAS Fire could assist you in installing this fire safety and protection equipment and also provide other services such as inspection of fire alarms, maintenance of fire sprinkler systems, refillment of fire extinguishers, and so on.

Installation, Maintenance, and Inspection

Installing a few different types of fire safety equipment in your building is considered to be a hassle-free one-time responsibility. This equipment should not be installed and forgotten. The National Fire Protection System states that all the fire equipment must be monitored and inspected periodically to prevent any faults or defects that could result in massive loss of property or the lives of people.

Along with the equipment, TAS Fire also delivers full-on services for the smooth working of this installed equipment. Our certified and experienced technicians will assist you in the installation of the fire safety systems. The technicians and electrical contractors from TAS Fire conduct regular and systematic inspections and maintenance to make sure that these systems are working perfectly.

Some of the installation, inspection, and maintenance services we deliver related to fire safety equipment are sprinkler system inspections, fire alarm inspections and installations, CO and smoke detector installations and maintenance, fire extinguisher installations and refillment services, and so on.

Other Services

There are numerous other services that TAS Fire is dedicated to delivering. Some of them are kitchen fire suppression systems and emergency lighting systems. They are highly beneficial in residential as well as industrial areas.According to the National Fire Protection System, all the fire safety equipment, including the kitchen fire suppression systems, must be inspected regularly, and the required maintenance and repairs must be done in order to prevent fire hazards and fatal injuries. As the kitchen is the most susceptible area to fire-related hazards and accidents, you would want to ensure your safety by installing a kitchen fire suppression system.

Emergency lighting systems aid in safe and quick evacuation from the building at the time of a fire breakout. Even a tiny fire can compromise the power supply of a building, which would result in confusion and distress among the occupants of the building. The emergency lighting system automatically lights the entire building for at least 30 minutes, which could be more than enough time for the residents and other workers to evacuate the building premises. TAS Fire is the perfect choice for all your fire safety and protection related services.