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04 Aug, 2021
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Outdoor Summer Fire Safety Facts and Tips…

Summer always calls for outdoor parties with its warm and comforting nights and compelling atmosphere. Cooking outside and having fun is highly recommended, but do keep in mind that summers are times when the number of grill fires peak. Let’s get some fire safety facts right this summer to keep ourselves and nature safe.

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Are you planning to host a family dinner outdoors? Any chance that fire might be involved? Read through before the party to endure that safety is never compromised at any stage of the night. Let’s dive right in.

1. Big ‘NO’ to Gasoline

As easier as the gasoline and the lighter fluid gets to do the work, it is dozen times more dangerous. A slight slip of the hand can leave the whole property burning by leaving the entire neighborhood exposed to a disaster. Also, adding strong and fast accelerants might flair the chances of explosions. So it is advisable to use dry woods for kindling and maintain a steady and controlled burn to your fire. Also, ensure that you use the propane and the grills only outdoors, as they are a huge threat when engaged inside.

2. Clear The Pit

While building the pit, make sure that you place it away from buildings, constructions, or flammable items. Clean the ground thoroughly off grass and needles within a 10 feet diameter. And ensure that you build your campfire or cooking fire downwind to avoid even the slightest chance of a fire. Choose an open space away from trees because if the flames get too high and uncontrollable, your safety comes first.

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3. Keep Away From Flames

Staying away from the flames are really important. Also, keep a keen eye on children if they are around. Advice them to keep a safe distance and educate them of the accidents and disasters fire can cause if it gets out of control. Ensure that you wear snug-fitting or tightly woven clothes and a strict no to loose ends and long skirts, which adds to the risk of catching fire. Half sleeved garments are also recommended, along with avoiding sandals and open-toe shoes.

4. Put Up a Fire Screen

Consider the option for setting up a fire screen around your fire pit as the flames won’t escape and hurt the guests. These fire screens are affordable, offer an extra layer of security, and ensure that the fire stays in the pit.

5. Keep the Fire Extinguisher Ready

Keeping a bucket of water or a hose ready in case of fire is highly recommended. If the number of guests and the fire’s size is considerable, make sure that you keep a fire extinguisher available at the spot. Having an emergency plan is crucial in such cases so that you might not be shocked and enable the host to take proactive measures in case of a fire. Also, make sure that you call the fire emergency services right away when you feel that the fire is going out of control. Never wait until it gets worse. What you don’t want is to risk people lives.

Firework Safety Tips

The crisp summer air always calls for celebrations. The summer vacations and the camping, along with the fourth of July, drive in a lot of fun and excitement. Let’s keep in mind certain firework safety tips and facts as the summer begins, and we don’t want anyone to get hurt.

  • If you are not sure of the guidelines and the legal situation of fireworks in your area, better visit the public fireworks nearby put on by professionals.
  • Fireworks should never be used indoors for any cause, even if it’s for fun.
  • Make sure that there are no dry grass or flammable items nearby when you lit the fireworks.
  • Do not wear loose clothes while lighting fireworks.
  • Keep a safe distance from the lit fireworks.
  • If the cracker didn’t burst, do not go close to it to take a closer look. Instead, use water to put it out.
  • Always keep an eye on children when they are around fireworks.

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Barbecue Safety Tips

Who would say no to grills and barbecues on a great summer day? It is fun and gives us a chance to interact and spend some quality time with our loved ones. Also, some safety measures are to be strictly followed while hoisting a barbecue or grill pastry during summers.

  • Make sure that the venturi tube is not blocked.
  • Do not overfill the propane tank.
  • Do not wear loose clothing while barbecuing.
  • Do not add lighting fluid to an already burning fire as it might lead to explosions.
  • Be extremely careful with the lighting fluid.
  • Closely supervise children and ask them not to play with matches or other flammable items near the grill or barbecue.
  • Dispose of the leftover coal properly. Put them off fire using water and ensure that no fire will start from the coal again. Also, avoid using plastic or wood containers to place the hot coals.
  • Avoid indoors and make sure that everyone knows to drop and roll when a piece of clothing catches fire at any point in time and call 911 immediately.

Campfire Safety

Campfires can bring a lot of fun-filled moments embraced in warm, glowing light. The subtle pop, hiss and whoosh of the fire and the gathering around makes the whole scenario a lot more desirable and loved. But make sure that you know the rules before you light the match. Here are some safety tips to follow while you enjoy your wonderful campfire time.

  • Clear the ground near the pit and remove any grass or needles up to 10 feet from the hole.
  • Keep the campfires small, and do not let them go out of control.
  • Avoid using flammable liquids to start the fire.
  • Never leave the campfire unattended.
  • Keep water, a hose, a shovel or the water fire extinguisher nearby to enable quick action if something goes south.
  • Practice the ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ and teach children to follow the same.
  • Supervise children if they are around.
  • Put out the fire completely using plenty of water once the campfire is over.

Keep these fundamental and helpful tricks and rules in mind while enjoying your summer days. Having fun and excitement may cause minor oversights, which can lead to major accidents. SO while around the fire, make sure that you never leave it unattended or allow kids to play near the area. We love spending time outdoors during summers, and that is great. But following the rules and keeping these little tricks in mind will allow you to have many more happy and safe summer days in the future with your loved ones around. Stay safe and have great and exciting summer days, folks.

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