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15 Dec, 2022
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Bursting the Myths behind Fire Sprinklers! Why Should You Install Fire Sprinklers?…

Fire sprinklers are fire safety equipment that immediately ejects water upon sensing a fire in a building. Therefore, these sprinklers are only activated when the fire sprinkler head detects heat or flames. Water is an effective extinguishing agent; hence, fire sprinklers can significantly assist in preventing the spread of a fire.

Why should a fire sprinkler be installed? Modern homes now come with an extra fire safety system that includes a fire alarm, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, cameras, and emergency lighting, among others. The main reason for this is that modern homes burn down much faster. For this reason, installing fire sprinklers is crucial.

Benefit from Installing Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are an effective fire protection feature to implement during home renovations or construction. The advantages of installing fire sprinklers are as follows:

  • Saving a number of lives

The most important function or purpose that a fire sprinkler serves is to protect people’s lives. It makes a significant contribution to lowering mortality rates. There may be young children and seniors who have trouble navigating their way out of the building. Fire sprinklers can buy them time, preventing further losses.

  • Cost-effective method

Installing fire sprinklers is a great fire safety strategy since it effectively minimizes the risk of fire within a structure. Considering the expense of replacing the structure and the lives saved by fire sprinklers, it seems clear that installing them is a too easy.

  • Require minimal maintenance

This fire safety device is simple to implement in your buildings and requires minimal upkeep. Compared to other safety systems, fire sprinklers are straightforward to maintain. With the assistance of annual inspections of fire sprinklers, these fire safety measures function flawlessly throughout.

  • Cost savings on insurance

According to NFPA regulations, insurance is required to safeguard property from severe damage. By installing fire sprinklers and the other fire safety measures listed above, it is possible to cut insurance costs by up to 15%.

  • Augmentation of property value

If you decide to sell your home, you can talk about the fire safety features you have installed. Consequently, protecting the building from future damage will increase its value.

10 Common Myths about Fire Sprinklers

When it comes to fire sprinklers, the things you see on the big screen aren’t always accurate. For instance, in a scene from the web comedy The Office, Michael Scott his going to propose to his girlfriend by lighting candles across the room, which ultimately activates the building’s fire sprinklers. This is a common misconception about fire sprinklers. Continue reading to learn how the myth is debunked. The following is a list of 10 common myths and facts regarding fire sprinklers:

    1. All the fire sprinkler heads are activated at the same time.

Each fire sprinkler is activated independently and is not linked together. Due to their independence, these fire sprinklers only turn on when they are separately exposed to temperatures of 155 °F or higher.

    1. Fire sprinklers can cause more water damage than actual fires.

The damage done by fire sprinklers is actually much lower than the harm done by the fire itself. This is mostly due to the limited volume of water that the fire sprinkler emits at any particular time. As the fire continues to spread and harm neighboring structures, it will be necessary to summon a firefighter, who will need to use six times as much water as the fire sprinkler. This, in turn, causes much more damage than the water damage that a fire sprinkler would cause.

    1. Fire sprinklers are activated by smoke alarms

As previously stated, fire sprinklers operate independently and are not dependent on each other. Additionally, fire sprinklers only turn on when they are exposed to increasing temperatures. Smoke alarms will only make an audible warning, and fire sprinklers will only get activated by rising temperatures.

    1. When one sprinkler activates, all sprinklers activate.

Each sprinkler is independent and acts only when activated by exposing it to a certain temperature and side effects of fire in a building. Therefore, each sprinkler operates independently. Consequently, this debunks the widespread belief that all sprinklers go off at the same time or go off in response to the activation of one sprinkler.

    1. Since the pipes freeze in the winter, fire sprinklers are rendered ineffective.

A widespread misunderstanding concerning fire sprinklers is that the pipes may freeze during the winter, rendering the sprinklers inoperable. However, the manufacturers have addressed concerns regarding the ineffectiveness of sprinklers throughout the winter. Sprinklers are only installed according to specific rules that ensure sprinkler pipes do not freeze during the winter. Fire sprinklers are therefore the best investment for protecting lives and property throughout the year.

    1. Fire sprinklers are not required for new buildings.

As technology has advanced and significantly increased safety precautions have been implemented, it has become a prevalent misconception that modern dwellings are less likely to catch fire. New structures must be equipped with fire sprinklers, although modern dwellings are already equipped with safety features. Both new and ancient residences are equally vulnerable to fire damage.

    1. When it comes to saving lives, fire sprinklers are not very effective.

Fire sprinklers have been shown to give residents a higher level of safety. According to statistics on the number of lives lost in fires, fully-sprinklered buildings have never experienced multiple fatalities. It has also been shown that installing fire sprinklers cuts the number of deaths and injuries by half and cuts the amount of property damage by 85%. In the event of a fire emergency, fire sprinklers have decreased both the loss of lives and the destruction of property.

    1. Fire sprinklers are more expensive than other fire safety measures

Fire sprinklers are not that expensive. They have always cost between 1% and 2% of the total cost of the building. As previously indicated under the advantages of installing fire sprinklers, you may also earn insurance benefits. So, fire sprinklers are a more affordable option than other fire safety measures.

    1. Sprinklers do not have an efficient operating system.

Since fire sprinklers rarely activate, it is commonly believed that their operating system is inefficient. It has been demonstrated that fire sprinklers are 98% successful at preventing fires in buildings. Fire sprinkler failure occurs only when the control valves are carelessly left open.

    1. Sprinkler heads turn on by mistake

Each fire sprinkler will only operate when exposed to a temperature of 155°F or above. Therefore, a fire sprinkler cannot mistakenly activate unless it is exposed to such temperatures and other fire-related side effects.

Should I Install Fire Sprinklers? Which Is the Best Fire and Safety Service in Canada?

Fire sprinklers can save time for children and the elderly who have difficulty evacuating a building. It simultaneously saves lives and reduces property damage. This inexpensive choice is therefore the best way for you to acquire insurance benefits as well.

To meet the growing demand for fire sprinklers in both new and existing residences, TAS Fire Protection provides not only high-quality fire sprinklers systems but also installation and regular inspections. We have a staff of knowledgeable experts ready to provide you with a wide range of services and advice on how to improve the security of your home. Emergency lighting, sprinkler systems, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, and other fire safety devices are all part of our comprehensive range of services.

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