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17 Mar, 2023
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Fire Extinguishers and Fire Sprinklers: Do You Need Both for Effective Fire Safety?…

Fire safety is one of the most essential and necessary aspects of a business, as well as a residence. We hear about thousands of cases of property damage and injuries caused by fires every year. The number of these occurrences has increased since the start of the summer. It is the responsibility of business owners […]

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15 Dec, 2022
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Bursting the Myths behind Fire Sprinklers! Why Should You Install Fire Sprinklers?…

Fire sprinklers are fire safety equipment that immediately ejects water upon sensing a fire in a building. Therefore, these sprinklers are only activated when the fire sprinkler head detects heat or flames. Water is an effective extinguishing agent; hence, fire sprinklers can significantly assist in preventing the spread of a fire. Why should a fire […]