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19 Oct, 2022
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What Is Access Control and Why Is It Important?…

If you are running a business or an employee at a company, knowledge about access control systems is necessary. So what is access control, and why is it important in a building?

Access control systems are the most effective way to restrict who has access to your building. They are the security devices that keep any office, building, apartment complex, or shopping centre safe by letting you control who is allowed to enter the premises. Choosing the best access control system for you can be challenging due to the variety of options available. Most businesses ask at least two questions before buying a system. These questions may include:

  • What is the purpose of an access control system?
  • Why would a company want one?
  • What are the different varieties of access control systems?
  • What should the access control system deliver?

This article helps you understand what an access control system is and how it provides security in every building that has one. 

An Introduction to Access Control Systems

The access control system is an essential component of every organization’s management system. These access control systems grant access to authorised users while denying access to those who are not authorised to enter the building or office at the same time.

With this access control system, the owners and managers of the building can decide who can get into the area and when. This service lets you lock your building or office for security by letting only authorised people in.

Almost all offices understand the importance of access control systems, but they are unsure which one to install in their office environment to ensure their security. Before deciding on an access control system for your office, you should consider the people who will be using these systems and their needs in the office. There are mostly three groups of people: the owners and administrators; the employees; and the IT team. 

    1. Business Owners and Administrators

The installation of an access control system should be determined by the industry. Whatever the needs are, the owners or administrators can determine the level of security required to keep the office protected. They should also be aware of the laws and regulations of their particular field or industry. You need biometric readers or voice recognition systems if you want high-level security. They will eliminate the possibility of unauthorized individuals gaining access to the secured area. If you need standard security, simpler systems such as keypads, key fobs, or card readers are the best option.

    1. Employees

The office control system should be able to monitor the people, i.e., employees, on a daily basis. Consider the best method that will be most comfortable for your employees. Some people prefer mobile apps, while others choose simpler methods such as key fobs or access cards. Choose the one that corresponds with the nature of your workflow and your employees’ daily routines.

There are a variety of options for access control authentication:

    • Keypads
    • Face readers
    • Key fobs
    • Access cards
    • Fingerprint readers
    • Retina scanners
    • Palm scanners
    • Mobile apps
    • DNA scanners
    1. IT Team

The IT team at your company should host the access control system for your office. This team should have a good grasp of the basics, like how often an office needs to change its security system. The security of the entire building or office should be primarily in the hands of the IT team, and they should be held collectively responsible.

Access Control System Components for Security Maintenance

Access Control system

There are many different types of access control systems for keeping commercial buildings and offices secure, but they all have four basic components in common.

    1. Control Panel:

Staff members have programmed the information and credentials of occupants into the database.

    1. Access Card Reader: 

The part that scans or reads a tenant’s ID is called the reader. After the credential is read, the encrypted information is sent to the control panel.

    1. Access Credentials: 

To get into the building, tenants can use something called an “access credential.” The tenant’s fingerprint, a key fob, a mobile app, or an ID badge could be the credential.

    1. Door Release: 

When the credential is accepted, the access control system tells the lock to open, whether electric or magnetic.

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Where Should Access Control Systems Be Installed?

By reading till now, you have learned about what access control is, its needs, and different types of access control systems for security maintenance. Now let’s get to know where these systems are used.  

  • Offices: 

Access control systems are a must-have for any business, no matter how big or small. There are multiple ways to manage tenant and employee access control, like keypads, face readers, and so on. 

  • Gated Commercial Properties:

A gated commercial access control system for security managers, vehicles, and people getting in and out of your property.

  • Industrial Facilities:

Access control systems should be installed in industrial buildings, non-office commercial structures, and storage facilities.

  • Non-profit Organizations:

Office buildings should have access control systems. It is advisable to have enough security for non-profit organisations to monitor employees, volunteers, and visitors. 

  • Buildings With Elevators:

If your building has more than three floors and more than one elevator, you might want to buy an elevator control system. With elevator access control, visitors and tenants can only go to the floors they are allowed to.

What Is the Need for Access Control Systems in Buildings?

Access Control System

If you’re thinking about buying an access control system for security, you may have noticed that it looks better than the old-fashioned lock and key system. The top five reasons why access control systems are more secure than other methods, and that is why tenants, property managers, and building owners trust them. 

The following are the five reasons why an access control system is needed:

  1. Enhanced Security

When it comes to security, the more advanced solution is an access control system. These security systems prevent unauthorized individuals from entering buildings. Some of these systems have built-in cameras that take pictures every time someone enters the building, which is a great way to keep people safe.

  1. Tenants Have Easier Access

Access control system installation is amazingly beneficial for tenants. They assist those who are authorized to enter and exit the building without causing any problems.

  1. Replacing Traditional Keys With More Secure Alternatives

The possibility of misplacing the keys appears all the time. The entire staff would be in trouble if a key was lost. These inconveniences can be avoided by implementing access control systems.

  1. Control Over Who Has Access to Certain Rooms

Property managers can automatically check who has access to specific rooms by implementing the proper access control systems. They can also impose restrictions by monitoring these systems.

  1. Connect to Other Systems

Google Workspace is just one of many smart tech solutions that work with commercial access control systems.

For Well-Knitted Security

Maintaining the safety of buildings, offices, and other complexes is an arduous effort. The outdated methods of locks and keys have been replaced by more secure access control systems that provide more security than any other method. These security devices are much better because they can store information about everyone who comes in and goes out.

Access control systems at work or in other places should be well-kept and able to meet the needs of the owners or people in charge. It should be user-friendly, and the IT team should possess the skills necessary to maintain the building’s security with no gaps.

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