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28 Mar, 2023
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Best Practices When Upgrading Your Access Control System…

Security in buildings is one of the essential factors to be considered in order to ensure the safety of the occupants. Access control systems protect your building from unauthorized access or potential threats such as theft and violent attacks. There are a lot of technical steps that work together to keep everyone in the building safe and secure.  An access control system is one of the most important security systems for a building because it keeps people from getting in without permission. The authority can watch, restrict, and regulate unauthorized entry from the outside. Passwords, smart cards, biometric data, or a mix of these are commonly used to validate the identification of the person who requested access. After confirming the person’s identity, the system examines the person’s authority level to determine whether they should grant access or not. Since this is a matter of trust, you cannot rely on any ordinary access control service, and so regular upgrading is needed for this.

Evaluating Conventional and Cloud-Based Access Control 

Access control is a crucial component of computer security since it restricts resource access based on a user’s identity and authorization. Traditionally, access control systems were implemented on-premises using dedicated hardware and software solutions. However, with the advent of cloud computing, organizations are increasingly adopting cloud-based access control solutions.

There are both traditional access control systems and cloud-based access control systems on the market. Both systems do the same thing and work with CCTV  security cameras, security alarm systems, and other security systems.

Conventional access control systems

    • The conventional system uses security badges, PINs, and other physical identification cards for security access.
    • They offer wide coverage, from the parking area to multiple floors.
    • The maintenance cost is higher for local servers and workstations.
    • They require more manpower for installations and maintenance.

Cloud-based access control systems

    • Since the system is cloud-based, it offers effective convenience with an open-path cloud-based system.
    • Access control can be performed through a smartphone, tablet, or smart wearable.
    • There is no need to carry or remember any physical security access cards and PINs.
    • Easy integration and low maintenance cost.

Reason for Upgrading Access Control System

An access control system is one of the essential security systems for an organisation. The system is responsible for granting access to authorized individuals and visitors to the building. Technology is updating day by day, so in order to provide effective security, it is necessary to upgrade regularly. A routine upgrade will definitely enhance the security and other technological advancements of the system. 

Here are some of the reasons for upgrading the access control system:

  • Privacy on Confidential Data – Data privacy is one of the most important factors to consider for a corporate office and other buildings, so upgrading to the newest access control technology is a must.  It will be necessary to ensure data security and privacy in both the above-mentioned fields.
  • Flexibility for the Business – Today’s businesses need an access control platform that can grow with them and is easy to connect to a wide range of other security functions to make the business safer.
  • Loss of Assets and Deals – An outdated system can easily be hacked, and thereby the data could be lost. These systems are open to a lot of vulnerabilities and unauthorized exploitation from strangers. Such systems are constantly maintained and repaired.
  • Experiencing a Security Breach – When a security breach occurs, the authority may lose data and other confidential information, so to overcome this, they need to appoint experts.

Tips to Consider When Upgrading Access Control Systems

Upgrading your access control system is a critical decision that requires careful consideration. Your access control system is responsible for protecting your property, employees, and sensitive information, making it essential to have an effective and reliable system in place. Here are some factors to consider when upgrading your access control system:

A Separate and Unique Network Is Needed

Since the devices in the access control system are IP-based, a separate and secure network is needed for the smooth functioning of the system, and this will definitely help with the cyberattack too. The network should be…

    • Unique and not integrated with any other networks
    • A virtual environment is required for proper operation
    • A part of the current network should be segmented off

Integration with Devices

Conventional access control systems don’t need to work with other devices because they use physical cards to let people in. However, a cloud-based system must work with other devices and security cameras. For example, the authorized person can watch the video of the person attempting to enter the building.

Redundancy of the System

By upgrading the system with the latest access control, you will increase the number of entry and exit points. Thus, the need for backup will definitely arise, and this will protect the integrity of the system.


Make sure that the upgrade you choose can grow with your business and that you can easily add or remove users, change access levels, and connect it to other systems.

Secure Your Business with the Latest Access Control System

Upgrading the access control system is a crucial step in improving the security and efficiency of your organisation. You can make sure that your upgrade process is well-planned, thorough, and suits your particular requirements by adhering to the key recommendations stated in the blog. 

Don’t forget to do a thorough evaluation of your current system, think about your goals and budget, and choose the right technology. With these steps, you can set up an access control system for your business that is safer and easier to use. 

Upgrade Your Access Control System with Tas Fire

The necessity of upgrading the access control system is discussed above. For this, you must be aware of all technologies and updates. But in order to implement and install the system, an advanced and efficient fire protection company is required. 

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